Trip Hop Playlist

  • Bonobo – Kiara
  • Bonobo – Kong
  • Pogo – SplurgenShitter
  • Pogo – Dot’s Vinyl Gone Bad
  • Wax Tailor – Que Sera
  • The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist
  • Eternal Morning – Father’s Watch
  • Eternal Morning – Love Is
  • Nosaj Thing – Aquarium (see also Kid Cudi – Man On the Moon)
  • DJ Shadow – Six Days
  • DJ Shadow – Building Steam With a Grain of Salt

I chose to make a Trip Hop playlist because trip hop is my favorite subgenre of hip-hop.  The instrumental of a track is as important as the lyrical content of a piece of music, and I think that in hip-hop, there is more flexibility in the kinds of stylistic choices, sounds, and instruments one can use – especially with the technique of sampling.  The DJ or producer has as much of a role in hip-hop as the MC or rapper, and I think that instrumentals are able to stand on its own.  Trip hop is fluid and experimental, therefore it can sound a bit like every other genre, such as funk or jazz.  Although trip hop can sample hip-hop beats, the ambient nature of the music is an important quality that I admire.  The beautiful thing about this genre is its close relationship to cinema as well.  “Que Sera” and “Frontier Psychiatrist” use samples from films, and Pogo’s music is produced solely from sound bites of films and animated movies.


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