The dance / History of the dance / More background

Baauer “Harlem Shake” / Plastic Little “Miller Time”(line sampled at 3:55)

The meme / Video that started it all / Billboard “top ten” Harlem Shake videos / “Sexist” Harlem Shake videos

Fader Magazine explains the Harlem Shake / “Harlem Shake” goes to #1 due to new Billboard chart methodology / More background on the meme by Sasha Frere-Jones

Harlem reacts to the Harlem Shake / PTHSD (Post Traumatic Harlem Shake Disorder) / More backlash / The “making and monetizing” of the Harlem Shake

The shifting terrain of popular hip hop culture (New York Times) / “Gentrification goes viral” (Spin Magazine) / Diddy supports the Harlem Shake phenom / Harlem Shake in the streets (literally) of New York (Worldstar Hip Hip)


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