I called this playlist the 5 hour energy list because these songs are designed to give you a boost and get you hyped up, just like the energy drink. These songs sound best when in the car or when your just hanging out with your friends drinking or whatever you like to do, and the louder the better. A lot of the artists on this list are from the south and that’s because the beats they use are more bass heavy and almost taylor made for the club. Some of the rhymes are not the deepest but that’s because these songs are more about the listening audience catching every word that’s being said and rapping along with it.

1. Chief Keef – I Don’t Like (Feat Lil Reese) / This song is just a personal favorite of mine and always gets people I know excited, even people into more lyrical artist which Chief Keef is not

2. Young Jeezy – Get Right / Jeezy is one of my favorite southern artist and though he may not sell the most or be the best in terms of his rhymes, he makes good music, and catchy music, and seems to be the same person in his music as he is outside of it

3. Nas – Star Wars / Nas is my favorite artist and songs like Star Wars show that he can just make a hot sounding song that’s not rooted in uplifting people with a message and is just great hip hop

4. T.I. – Go Get It / T.I. is my favorite artist from the south and his lyricism and flow are very overlooked. This my favorite song from his latest album and is energetic while still keeping his laid back style of rhyming

5. Meek Mill – Ima Boss (remix) (Feat T.I., Lil’ Wayne, Birdman, Swizz Beats, Rick Ross) / Meek is another favorite of mine and while not all of his songs are hits, he is always energetic and I think this song with it’s cast just has the perfect beat, as well as rhymes and a catchy hook that get the job done

6. Slaughterhouse – Coffin (Feat Busta Rhymes) / Slaughterhouse is a dream come true for most people who really listen to words. I think thier Shady Records debut could have been better but this is one of the best cuts off it, and should of been more of what the album sounded like

7. DJ Khaled – They Ready (Feat J. Cole, Big K.R.I.T. & Kendrick Lamar) / 3 of the best newer lyricist around just making a dope hip hop track and showing you can be commercial and still make great music

8. Freeway & Jake One – Microphone Killa (Feat Young Chris) / Freeway and Young Chris are 2 more underrated artist from the State Property days of Rocafella and show once you get past the glitz they had, they are actually talented artist

9. Naughty By Nature – Uptown Anthem / One of my favorite Naughty tracks. They just excel at making great songs and this may have slipped past some people since it wasn’t on an album and only on the Juice soundtrack

10. Pusha T – Millions (Feat Rick Ross) – Pusha T has always been respected in hip hop in my opinion and is showing people he’s also a great solo artist and this song is another high energy sounding song while saying something at the same time

11. Tha Alkaholiks – Primetime (Feat Phil Da Agony & King T) / A great group from the west coast and a song most people didn’t even know existed. A lost gem that I think everyone should have a chance to hear if they like the Likwit Crew

12. 2 Chainz – Spend It (Feat T.I.) / I know how most people feel about 2 Chainz but he makes the music he does because it sells. He wasn’t always as simplified as he was but it’s his personality and if that’s who you really are I say go for it. This is a great song and once again T.I. shows why he’s underrated by people who dislike commercial music

13. Big Boi – Kryptonite (Feat Rock D & Killer Mike) / I don’t know all the artist on this track but I know this song shows that Big Boi can easily make hits like Andre 3000 and was the first Big Boi solo I heard outside of Outkast

14. Public Enemy – Fight The Power / A powerful song that stands for something. The way the song is structured along with the video just screams revolution and makes you feel like you should be out there doing something to change the world

15. Ludacris – Move Bitch (Feat Mystikal & I-20) / This was one of Ludacris’s earlier hits. When it comes on you definitely know the song and if you have ever been in a club or venue when this song comes on, you know why it deserves to be on this list


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