After getting this assignment I was at first overwhelmed because there are so many lists that I could compile, and hundreds of hip hop songs that are immensely influential to me and my understanding of hip hop, but the hardest to decipher was what parameters I wanted to use. Due to the fact that it was assigned during finals, I immediately knew that I wanted the list to be up beat, fun, and something that was pleasurable. Furthermore I wanted to create a list of songs that would essentially make me want to escape my desk, my assignments, and school and just get up and dance. For me personally, I find that my body reacts and automatically moves to the rhythms and beats of the 90s. This inevitably led me in that very direction, which is why all of the songs above are from the early 1990s. Although this may not be the ideal list to break dance or pop and lock to, at the end of the day it works for me. Overall I would describe my list as something you can easily bump to, nostalgic, chill vibes, and the ultimate oldies but goodies.


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