The issue that I chose to explore for this project is the presence of homophobia in the Hip Hop and R&B music industry. The reason why I chose this topic is because my brother himself is an open homosexual male. I wanted to make a playlist with him in mind, that not only addressed these issues that affect him on an every day basis, but also shed light on how the views of homosexuality in the Hip Hop and R&B industry are starting to change for the better. I divided my playlist into four different categories:

  • The use of the ‘F’ word in rap lyrics as a form of insult. (first three songs)
  • The use of the phrase ‘No homo’ as a defense against homosexual accusations (second three songs)
  • Openly gay/bisexual artists in the industry today (Third three songs)
  • The influence Gay African American club music music has on the artistic sound today. (Last two songs)

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