I chose to make a playlist on different Brazilian rap/hip-hop songs. I would spend my winters and summers in Brazil for 7 years since my dad had lived there. I specifically remember basically “growing up” to these songs while I would be on the beach for hours and hours. Although my father lived in Vitoria, about 11 hours away from Sao Paulo the Hip hop scene of Sao Paulo had spread out throughout the entire country. The Hip hop scene in brazil began in the 1980’s at “favelas” which mean street parties. The DJ’s would play the latest American funk and soul records to a huge audience of Afro- Brazilian culture. Afrika Bambaataa, and Grandmaster Flash had a huge influence on the beginning hip-hop culture in Brazil, one song on the playlist “Pula”, although it is definetely not a song that I particularly enjoy listening to, I put it on the playlist to show the sample from “planet rock” by Bambaataa. As the hip-hop/ rap scene began to grow throughout the country different music genres began to include rap in there music. For example, there are many songs included in the playlist that fit under the music genre funk carioca, which is a genre that has an almost electronic street dance vibe. These songs have been in my life since I was younger, and I wanted to base my playlist off of another culture of hip hop/ rap that has had a huge influence on my taste and appreciation of music.


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