Beatles found in Beats

For my hip-hop playlist I decided to make a compilation of hip-hop tracks that sample the Beatles. Although the most famous use of Beatles sample is probably Danger Mouse’s Grey Album, where he combines The Beatles White Album with Jay-Z’s Black Album, there are many other producers who have successfully taken Beatles tracks and transformed them into hip-hop tracks. One of my favorites of these tracks is Jay Dee’s Sleeping Like a Dog. I personally love to sample Beatles tracks because I find George Martin’s orchestral arrangements to be the perfect source material to be sampled in hip-hop beats.

Twist and Shout by Salt-N-Pepa

You’ll Never Know by RZA feat. Cilvaringz

The Motorcade Sped On by Steinski and The Mass Media

Sleeping Like a Dog by J Dilla

$ Can’t Buy Me Love by DJ Jazzy Jeff feat. Biz Markie

Help by Lil Wayne

I’m Down by Beastie Boys

In My Life by Doc Brown

NY Streetz by Saigon

Lonely People by Talib Kweli feat. LaToiya Williams

Fraternity Record by 2 Live Crew


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